ONLINE HR Software. Simple.
Cost Effective.
It's about time!


Managing HR shouldn't be time consuming.
Let us give you more time to spend with the people that matter and less time with your head in a computer screen.

Employee Self Service

Let staff request their holidays from anywhere. They can see how many days they have left, and request some more.
They can see how many sick days the have had and what their Bradford score is.
They can also see who else if off that day in case of a potential clash.

Time and Attendance

Staff can clock in when they get into work and clock out when they leave.
Saves the need to have expensive fob or biometric machines.
HR Studio can report on all your staff hours worked and show you who’s worked overtime and who is a frequent late starter – There’s always one :)

Centralise Employee Data

Having on-line HR software means all your staff information is stored in one place and is accessible by you and them, anywhere.
Documents, staff training, certificates, sick days, holidays, bank details, salary history – all available anywhere and any time.

Organise Documents

Problem with staff is that you have to keep all this paperwork!
We let you store whatever information and documents you like against the employee. You choose what you want the employee to be able to see about them.
Now you have an on-line filing cabinet that’s sorted nicely, stored securely and is quickly accessible.

How much is this going to cost me?

This is the good bit

£3 per month, per employee

That’s it – Simple!

Each month you know EXACTLY what your spend is and only get billed for active employees.

Why should I choose your software?

This is a question you may ask yourself, there are lots of other HR software out there in the interweb......
We like to be different by not hiding behind a corporate cloak.
Our team is small, effective and very good at what we do. Just like you!

We are not a massive corporate monster who have forgotten why they started creating software. We are a small team of experienced professionals that understand the need for quality software, great customer service and above all providing you with a tool that makes your life easier.

HR Studio delivers intuitive design that doesn't need a manual or training courses. Employees log into the system and will immediately understand what to do.
HR people log into the system and enjoy the ability of having everything in one place, full visibility of the staff, all documents, employee details, holidays, sickness, attendance, Bradford factor scores, reports, certificates, training .... the list goes on.

If cost is important to you (as it should be) then paying £3 per month per employee keeps everything simple and clean. No hidden charges, no set up costs, simple billing.

Other benefit of us being small is that if there is something you would like to be added to the software, or something bugs you about it, let us know and we will change the software. It makes you happy, makes the software better for everyone else - we all win :)

30 Day Free trial

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